DK Anderson, tenor saxophonist

DK Anderson

Tenor saxophonist DK [Darnell Kenneth] Anderson was born on November 19, 1979, a mill town kid from the city of Monessen, Pennsylvania.  He began his musical studies on tenor saxophone at the age of 11. At the age 16 he started playing the piano and became interested in composition. DK Anderson graduated from Duquesne University School of Music having studied with saxophonist James Houlik; composition and orchestration with Mike Tomaro and David Stock; counterpoint with Dr. Robert Shankovich; and jazz studies later with Sean Jones of the Lincoln Center Jazz Band.  In 2001, Anderson premiered his first work for big band at Pittsburgh's Mellon Winterfest Jazz Festival.  

Anderson is a veteran of the Roger Humphries Big Band [2001 to 2007], Pittsburgh's "Boogie Hustlers" [2004 to 2007]. In 2007 Anderson stepped away from the public eye. During his self-imposed hiatus, Anderson immersed himself in contemplation of music. Living an ascetic like life in a small house in the woods of rural Ohio, Anderson could challenge himself to recognize the musical chords of train whistles as the sound bounced through the valleys. Observing sounds he heard in his surroundings started to affect the way he composed and related to music.

Seeking to expand these concepts, Anderson stepped back into the public music scene in 2015 to jam and talk about music with friends and musicians in as many different genres as possible. His Cypher Band debuted at the Pittsburgh JazzLive Festival 2016. Quantum Truth debuted at the Flood City Music Festival 2017.