DK Anderson

8th Window

by DK Anderson's Cypher

  • 09:21
    Double Vision
  • 07:07
    Manic Depression
  • 06:46 Lyrics
    Puzzle Dancing

    Puzzle Dancing  [DK Anderson/Diane Anderson]

    Chinese puzzle dancing, sip the jasmine tea;

    My heart aches to know we are here.

    Blue flick flying on a big silver screen;

    Dependable outcome how I wish I could scream.

    Black room toga and a big copper bar;

    Smoky room rocking to steel city guitar.

    Little brown Spitfire racing to the sun;

    Cold six pack between us, man did we have fun.

    Twelve purple roses and a mink teddy bear;

    You were always trying, didn’t know we were square.

    Eat the sour cookie, drink the jasmine tea;

    Drift to the other side above.

    Chinese puzzle dancing, floating to the moon;

    The pathway smells like love.

    Mourning breaks, see Jazzman D;

    His Buddha eyes taste like flowers.

    Chinese puzzle dancing, sip the jasmine tea;

    My heart sings to know we are here.

    Morning breaks, see Jazzman D,

    His Buddha eyes taste like flowers.

  • 07:28
    Me 2 with U
  • 06:01
  • 07:20
    Caravan (Live)
  • 07:22
    Blackbelt Bass
  • 07:09
    Super Mario Bros Ground Theme
DK Anderson...tenor sax and keyboards
Paul Thompson...bass
Thomas Wendt...drums
Dave DiStefano...guitar
Rasheed Anderson...trumpet
Diane Anderson...vocals
Larry Luther...sound engineer
David Hamilton Jr...drums on Caravan

Caravan was recorded before a live audience in The Club Cafe, Pittsburgh PA.
All other tracks were recorded live in Mr. Small's Recording Studio, Pittsburgh PA.