DK Anderson, tenor saxophonist

8th Window

by DK Anderson's Cypher

DK Anderson's debut album featuring 5 originals and 3 covers. DK demonstrates his conceptual jazz style paying homage to old school jazz greats but also tearing into and through genre walls. Music is alive. This album is a lot of fun. Enjoy!
  • 07:28
    Me 2 with U
  • 06:01
  • 07:07
    Manic Depression
  • 06:46 Lyrics
    Puzzle Dancing

    Puzzle Dancing  [DK Anderson/Diane Anderson]

    Chinese puzzle dancing, sip the jasmine tea;

    My heart aches to know we are here.

    Blue flick flying on a big silver screen;

    Dependable outcome how I wish I could scream.

    Black room toga and a big copper bar;

    Smoky room rocking to steel city guitar.

    Little brown Spitfire racing to the sun;

    Cold six pack between us, man did we have fun.

    Twelve purple roses and a mink teddy bear;

    You were always trying, didn’t know we were square.

    Eat the sour cookie, drink the jasmine tea;

    Drift to the other side above.

    Chinese puzzle dancing, floating to the moon;

    The pathway smells like love.

    Mourning breaks, see Jazzman D;

    His Buddha eyes taste like flowers.

    Chinese puzzle dancing, sip the jasmine tea;

    My heart sings to know we are here.

    Morning breaks, see Jazzman D,

    His Buddha eyes taste like flowers.

  • 07:22
    Blackbelt Bass
  • 09:21
    Double Vision
  • 07:09
    Super Mario Bros Ground Theme
  • 07:20
    Caravan (Live)
DK Anderson...tenor sax and keyboards
Paul Thompson...bass
Thomas Wendt...drums
Dave DiStefano...guitar
Rasheed Anderson...trumpet
Diane Anderson...vocals
Larry Luther...sound engineer
David Hamilton Jr...drums on Caravan

Caravan was recorded before a live audience in The Club Cafe, Pittsburgh PA.
All other tracks were recorded live in Mr. Small's Recording Studio, Pittsburgh PA.